Community is a key component of our program’s mission and we foster this community through our events.  Events are hosted approximately every two months and can range from strictly fun to educational but are usually both!  Having a reliable and engaged Event Staff to support the event and our Program Coordinator during the event is extremely important to our mission at Girls Rising.

How to become a member of the Girls Rising Event Staff:

  1. Contact our Program Manager to schedule a 15 minute introductory phone call or meeting
  2. Provide one letter of reference
  3. Attend one event as an observer to see what we are all about!

After becoming a member of our Event Staff Team and attending two events as Event Staff, we will ask that you provide a current driving record and have a background check performed in order to assist in providing rides for the Little Sisters*.  These additional checks are required for our program insurance and to ensure the safety of our Little Sisters. This role is crucial because our Big Sisters are not always able to attend and we want all the Little Sisters to have the opportunity to attend every event.



  1. Help to procure needed supplies or food for the event (will be reimbursed)
  2. Provide rides for Little Sisters whose Big Sisters are unable to attend*
  3. Arrive 30 minutes prior to the event when needed to assist in any set-up
  4. Be a resource for the Big and Little Sisters during the event
  5. Assist the Program Manager during the event
  6. Remain after the event to assist in any clean-up
  7. Have fun and get to know the Big and Little Sisters!