Girls Rising is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Girls Rising helps underserved girls achieve success through our mentoring program by pairing each girl with an individual mentor to serve as a positive, consistent role model in their lives. In addition, the program offers a series of social, educational and character building events for our Big and Little Sisters throughout the year to promote a sense of community, increase social support and introduce the girls to new experiences. We assist each girl in setting an individual goal upon entry into the program and measure progress and reset new goals annually. Private support from our community enables Girls Rising to provide the variety of opportunities to empower the girls, open up their world and develop skills that assist them in achieving success. Contribute to a little sister’s success today and donate through our page at Just Give.

Mentors Make a Difference

National research shows that having a mentor makes a big impact. According to the study children who had a mentor for 18 months or more were:

  • 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs
  • 27% less likely to begin using alcohol
  • 52% less likely to skip school
  • 33% less likely to hit someone
  • 33% getting along better with their families

Contact us to discuss how you can support girls to discover their potential through giving to Girls Rising.