In order to provide new and exciting experiences for our little sisters, we require additional funding for specific activities and events.  Please consider sponsoring an upcoming event.  Our sponsorships include recognition in our newsletter, Facebook page, and website.  We would also be honored for our sponsors to attend the events if they choose.

2019 Big Sister Appreciation Night - $2000

Being a Big Sister is not easy. The success of our matches is a team effort but relies heavily on the commitment Big Sisters make to their little sisters and the program. Every year we dedicate one evening to Big Sisters to show our appreciation for what they do. Funds are needed for food, beverages, activities, and door prizes. There is also an option for door prize donations. Contact us for details.

2019 Miss Representation at the Women's Museum of California – $500

Big and Little Sisters in the program will explore how the media influences their everyday lives. Funds are needed for venue rental, snacks, beverages, and activities.

2019 Indoor Rock Climbing at Vertical Hold – $500 - partially sponsored by Vertical Hold

Big and Little Sisters in the program will enjoy an adventurous day of indoor rock climbing at Vertical Hold. Funds are needed for food and beverages.

2019 Ongoing Big Sister Training – $600

Ongoing mentor training contributes to more effective, long lasting, high quality mentoring relationships. Girls Rising Big Sisters will be offered three ongoing training workshops in 2019 including Mindfulness for Mentors, the Growth Mindset, and Cognitive Behavioral Mentoring.

2019 STEAM Event – $2000 - sponsored by the Elevate Foundation

Little Sisters will take part in this artistic event to “Tell Your Story.”  The girls will choose between dance, painting, and spoken word poetry, and create an artistic expression that reflects who they are.  Funds are needed for venue, instructors, and food and beverage.

2019 Career Exploration – $1000

Big Sisters will invite Little Sisters to explore their place of employment. Funds are needed for travel expenses, food, and beverages.

2019 Annual Camp-Out – $4000

This is the largest event of the year for our matches. For $4000, Outdoor Outreach manages the event and provides equipment, food, transportation and activities for the weekend. This year, Little Sisters will be able to partake in outdoor rocking climbing at Joshua Tree. Utilizing Outdoor Outreach’s program takes the camp-out beyond a simple overnight in the woods and transforms it into a unique and fun learning experience for the Little and Big Sisters.

2019 Back to School Picnic - $5000 - partially sponsored by Soroptimist International of San Diego

Keeping a focus on education is an important mission for Girls Rising. Our Back to School Picnic not only celebrates the upcoming school year but ensures the girls have the supplies they need to be successful. This year, matches will enjoy a day of outdoor fun at Coronado Tidelands Park complete with stand up paddle boarding and kayaking. The Sponsorship provides the activity, back-packs, and school supplies for each of the girls as well as food and drink for the picnic.

2019 Halloween Party – $500

Our annual Halloween party is a popular fun event for the girls to unwind and socialize with each other and the big sisters. Funding is needed for food, beverages, activities and other party supplies.

2019 Holiday Party – $4000 - sponsored by Wells Fargo and Panda Restaurant Group

Our little sisters will participate in community service, receive “want” and “need” gifts, and enjoy holiday themed activities. Funding is needed for food, beverages, gifts and other party supplies. There is also an option for gift donations. Contact us for details.

To sponsor an event, please email us at or call (619) 297-1135.