We get calls, referrals and requests for girls to become Little Sisters from a variety of sources: families, guardians, school teachers, counselors, therapists, social workers, and girls themselves (ages 6 through 17).

We focus on matching at-risk girls who would benefit most from a mentor relationship. At risk girls may include those from socioeconomically disadvantaged homes, single-parent homes, guardianship situations or foster families and/or girls who may have been physically, sexually or emotionally abused.

We match big and little Sisters first by geographic areas within the County of San Diego and then by interests.  Read the application process (below) and download and complete the Little Sister Application to the best of your ability and include a current picture. Lea el proceso de solicitud (abajo) y descargar y completar la aplicacin Little Sister en la medida de su capacidad e incluyen una imagen actual – Aplicación de hermana pequeña.

Please note that Little Sister applications are currently on hold due to social distancing requirements.  We will re-open the process as soon as we are able.

Little Sister Application Process

STEP ONE – Discuss the possibility with your guardian or parent first. Encourage your parent or guardian to review this web site. Have them call or email us for more details about our program. Parents/Guardians will need to sign the last page of the application.

STEP TWO – Decide if you have a few hours a week or bi-weekly to spend with a caring mentor.

STEP THREE – Decide if you can commit to at least one year. Keep in mind some mentor partnerships have lasted a lifetime.

STEP FOUR – Read more about big sisters

STEP FIVE – Fill out the Little Sister Application to the best of your ability and include a current picture. Aplicación de hermana pequeña en español

It is important to include as much about you as possible. For example – what you do in your free time, favorite school subjects, movies, music, etc., which can make a match much stronger, and a great experience for you!

STEP SIX – mail the completed application (with your picture) to: Girls Rising, PO Box 161218, San Diego, CA 92176 or scan and email it to info@girlsrisingsd.org

STEP SEVEN – a representative from Girls Rising will visit with your parent/guardian. The mentor program representative will have your guardian or parent sign emergency medical information, other releases and get contact and medical allergy or other important information about you.

I’m Matched, What Happens now?

While developing a relationship big and little sisters have responses and feelings about one another. Sometimes you might even feel anger, disappointment, or frustration caused by unmet needs or expectations. Big and little sisters are encouraged to share those feelings and work through them together.

Girls Rising offers events throughout the year that are fun and educational. These events give big and little sisters the chance to share their experiences. Like us on www.Facebook.com/girlsrising to see some pictures of big and little sisters having fun together.