“I have always been blessed with strong female role models—my mother, aunts, and sorority sisters just to name a few. They have supported me, pushed me, and loved me unconditionally. Due to them, I am more confident, more successful, and happier. Experiencing such positive impacts from those relationships, I wanted another girl to benefit the same way I have. I want her to gain confidence and respect for herself, trust her abilities, and continue to grow into her own. I want to be a role model to show her that anything is possible if you work hard and stay positive. I want her to know it’s okay to make mistakes and it’s okay to have insecurities. From the instant I read Yari’s bio, I knew she was the little sister for me. We have similar personalities and I knew that I could guide her through some of her insecurities because I have worked through them myself. I love that she has big dreams and I want to help her realize those dreams can become a reality and show her how to get there.

To me, being a mentor is being there for Yari with whatever she needs. I want her to thrive. Her successes are my successes and her struggles are mine as well. We are a team, built on common goals, trust, and most importantly, friendship.”